HONDA Disappears Apple that can’t exceed Tesla , give up if it’s an equivalent EV? !

Apple’s electric car (EV) seems to be stalled. It doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, so there’s no way it’s going to stall, but it’s getting farther and farther from the original development goal of fully automated driving.

Unlike Tesla, which develops and produces EV with brute force, Apple pursues thorough perfection. If Apple throw away this aesthetic and introduce EV, Apple is the same as “Tesla”. Will you team up with Honda to surpass Tesla? Or will they give up on EVs? The options have been narrowed down.

Apple car will be late

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple will postpone the launch of the EV it is developing to 2026. The release date was scheduled for 2025, so it was postponed for one year. It seems that the reason is that there is no prospect for fully automated driving, which is aimed at realization. Did Apple set a one-year delay for the time being, or do Apple think it will be delayed by more than a year because there is no prospect of technological development?

Apple has not commented on Blumberg’s report, so we can only speculate, but based on my many years of observing the automobile industry, EVs themselves have reached the stage where they can be developed and produced.

However, it is at the same level as other EVs. Even if Apple, a latecomer group, launches it late, it will only lower the evaluation, saying, “That Apple will release a normal EV …”. I also question whether they have the desire to continue developing EVs.

Will Apple launch a regular EV? The rationale for this is a drastic change in the concept. Apple’s EV was designed and developed based on the innovative idea of ​​eliminating the steering wheel and accelerator/brake pedals.

Bloomberg reported that Apple abandoned the idea and compromised to equip the car with a steering wheel and pedals like a normal car. Autonomous driving seems to be limited to highways. Still, the price is $ 100,000 and a high price range. If you compare only the level of EV technology, it seems that it is not much different from the cars that Nissan Motor has already developed. Considering the price, it would be smart to buy a Nissan car.

All things considered, it seems that Apple’s EV development is not progressing well at all.

But  the proud Apple, at this rate

“Apple is a sore loser.” There are also reports that the EV under development will adopt the highest spec among the chips that Apple independently developed for the Mac. It’s as if I’m sorry to put the proud Apple brand on the same level as other EVs.

I am keenly aware of the thickness and height of the walls that stand in the way of automobile development and production. Apple scouts veteran engineers from Porsche, Tesla, Lamborghini, etc. and is keen to acquire automotive know-how. Through the development of iPhones and other smartphones, we have accumulated world-class engineers and knowledge about EV and fully automated driving technologies and know-how.

Both hardware and software should be comparable to Tesla and Chinese manufacturers. Still, Apple is stuck developing an EV worthy of its brand.

As I have written repeatedly, it is unlikely that you will lose your life if an electrical product breaks down, but if your car breaks down and you cause an accident, you will lose your life. Apple is scouting safety engineering experts from Ford, but automotive safety testing is an unimaginable world.

“Three test drivers died before we were satisfied with the aerodynamic performance.” I will never forget what Ford’s vice president of development told me.

At that time, high aerodynamic performance was considered to be the proof of a luxury sports car, and competition among European, American, and Japanese automakers was intensifying.

Electric vehicles are rapidly spreading in Europe, the United States, China, and other countries, but they are yet to reach maturity as cars.

Even if Tesla repeatedly breaks down and recalls, it should be understood from the fact that the excuse of “because it is an EV” still works.

I want to doubt Apple’s seriousness

According to some reports, Apple seems to be reconsidering partnerships with automakers.

By abandoning the development of fully automated EVs without steering wheels and pedals, which had been our goal until now, and switching to the development of ordinary vehicles with steering wheels and pedals, we no longer needed our own vehicle platform.

Which automaker will realize the EV that Apple is aiming for that cannot be found anywhere else in the world?

As I have predicted many times before, it will only be Honda/Sony. I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt that when I saw the news that they gave up on EVs without steering wheels and pedals, it sent a wave of cooperation to Honda and Sony.