Honda disappears 15) Rediscover Honda who feels a dream to American rap hit maker

I’m obsessed with Justin Bieber. When the concert in Japan in 2017 was decided, I got the ticket right away. The concert was canceled at the last minute, and I remember being very disappointed.

About two years ago, a singer named Juice WRLD joined my favourites. What would it be like in the field of music? is it rap? He is a talented young man with great singing ability who uses the melody while pronouncing firmly instead of speaking fast English. However, he died suddenly of drugs in December 2019. I was 21 years old.

Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber Collaborate on ‘Accord’ Last week, I heard a song on FM that caught my attention, and when I asked Szham, it was a song called “Wandered to LA” sung by Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber in collaboration. It seems that it was announced in December 2021 because the bereaved family of Juice WRLD agreed to announce the song produced during his lifetime. I really liked it, and when I read the lyrics while listening to it over and over again,  This time, while reading the lyrics over and over again, I wondered what they meant by including the word “accord” in the lyrics. I wonder if that tells the charm of the Honda “Accord” again, and of course, the charm of Honda.

Again, the title of the song is “Wandered to LA”. The content seems to be about visiting Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States and encountering exciting things. Is it the same reason that Los Angeles is gaining popularity as a destination for Japanese celebrities to move to the United States? You will feel free when you breathe the air of Los Angeles, freed from the life you have lived so far. In the lyrics, words such as drugs and cocaine that are quite dangerous in Japan appear. To be honest, I have no idea what the song is about. At the beginning of the song, he purposely says, “It’s a true story,” so I’m sure the story of the song is about one of the two, Juice WRLD.

Accord comes out in one place. “We were doin’ Xans in a Honda Accord”. There were some words I didn’t understand, so I looked up the lyrics on the internet, and the translation was “We used to play Xans (the name of the drug) in a Honda Accord.” The lyrics just before are “You see the ghost on her front porch, You see the blood at her front door”, so the lover talks about the anguish of seeing illusions with drugs and actually vomiting blood, and then riding the accord. It seems to be the flow of confiding that he continued to take drugs. The lyrics after that are as follows. ‘Lookin’ at the things that we couldn’t afford’ ‘Fantasies became reality, but only for one of us’. I just don’t get it, I see things you can’t buy, but I’m the only one of us whose fantasy seemed real. Is that what it feels like? I feel the loneliness of the singer who sees his lover.

Is the Accord that appears in the lyrics the Car of Juice World? Since it’s included in the lyrics, it should be a car filled with the feelings of a lover. It’s all my imagination… Looking at the electronic version of Billboard Japan’s article, Along with the release of “Wandered To LA”, a trailer video was also released in which Juice WRLD expressed his worries and anxieties during his lifetime, and his team, who was close to him, said, “He was trying to change.” rice field. In the trailer, Justin Bieber candidly shared his grief, saying, “People didn’t realize how serious the situation was.” There is

Justin Bieber is a global hitmaker. However, there was a time when his spirit was damaged by rising to superstardom at such a young age. I have a lot of tattoos on my body and I personally wonder why. Juice WRLD has been a drug addict since childhood. Both of them are young people who talk about drugs, as mentioned in the lyrics, rather than selling characters that represent middle-class society. Why is Accord coming out? Imagine the fun of adventure in the streets of Los Angeles on an Accord. Is this an image? The image of “richness” and “relaxation” is embedded in the Accord, and it may be reflected in a vehicle that allows you to share happy times

Accord is a special brand among Japanese cars in American society. Since its release in 1976, it is a flagship car that represents Honda and has been popular as a passenger car purchased by middle-income class and above. It has always been a top seller in the North American market, and even won the 2018 Car of the Year award, beating out the Toyota Camry, the best-selling passenger car in the United States. Although it doesn’t look as powerful as the flashy American passenger cars, it emits a smart and cool aura. It seems that the purchaser is appealing, “It looks modest, but it’s an upper-middle-class smart shopping.

Civics are featured in movies “Honda cars often appear in movies.” The famous one is the movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, who has a series of hits. Civic is used in important scenes in my favorite “Jackie Brown” and “Pulp Fiction”. Civic is a car that made Honda famous with CVCC that cleared the world’s strictest exhaust gas regulation Muskie Law. It continues to be very popular in the US market, which loves large vehicles. Also, I can’t remember the title of the movie from another director’s work, but there must have been a scene where he decided to break up with his lover, but after that, he got in a Civic and chased after him, and was interrupted by the railroad and made a sudden turn and stopped. . The Civic symbolizes the stable life of today, and the scene of chasing a lover in the Civic felt like throwing away the happiness in front of you. Both the Accord and the Civic must have sold well in the United States as they were rated as cars that gave people a “happy life” or “happy dreams.”

But wonder. Not popular in Japan. It’s rare to see an Accord running. Civic once disappeared from Japan. Both cars are being developed by Honda developers from the bottom of their hearts. In the 1990s, President Kawamoto didn’t seem to understand why the Accord sold and the Odyssey sold well, so the difference in evaluation between Japan and the United States has been going on for over 30 years. In Japan, the models that are gaining popularity are those that are unique to Honda. “City” “Odyssey”, recently “Fit” “S660”. It is a car that will leave its name in Japanese automobile history. But the City’s name is gone, and the Odyssey will soon be gone too. After announcing the discontinuation of production of the S660, as a result of a flood of reservations, we decided to receive additional orders. The Fit, which was highly praised for creating a new model of Japanese compact cars, stalled with the most recent model change

Before the dream turns into a nightmare Speaking of which, I bought an “S2000” when a close friend of Honda retired. I asked why. The answer was, “Honda won’t produce a sports car like this anymore.” The S2000 was developed by thoroughly pursuing the performance required of a sports car, starting from parts development. Released in 1999 and discontinued in 2009. One of Honda’s masterpieces. “I finally understand.” Honda’s cars not only have performance, but also meet and exceed the expectations of users who love driving. At the beginning of its founding, Honda grew into a global company fueled by the success of the “Dream” motorcycle. In the U.S., the “dream” continues to live on as a remnant, but unfortunately in Japan, the “dream” disappears from the specification tables of mainstay cars, and the “dream” is embodied in the occasional car that suddenly appears, and it explodes. It repeats the phenomenon that produces great hits

After all, Honda has not been able to break the hard shell of the brand image of “Honda Motor Co., Ltd.” in Japan and “HONDA” in the United States. The United States is still protected by its shell, and Japan is restrained by its shell. In other words, in the United States, the brand strategy that entrusted Honda with its own dream has paid off and continues to sell “Honda Dream” along with cars. However, in Japan, they were still selling a masterpiece of “Honda of technology” that smelled like grease. I forgot to equip “a dream to be happy comes true” as standard equipment. “Wandered to LA” ends with “my nightmares are starting to come true”. It may not be long before a dream turns into a nightmare.